Saturday, February 23, 2013

To smile or not to smile?

For some time my friends and I have had this debate on whether you should smile for pictures or just be serious. Mind you, yes I know it's a silly topic and there is a lot more complex issues in this world to discuss. Some say that you should always be serious in pictures. Personally, I don't enjoy being serious in every single picture and I usually feel like an awkward alien when I attempt to be serious in my pictures. There is a smile on my face or some type of ridiculous facial expression 99% of the time. When I'm browsing through different sites I usually enjoy the ones where the person is smiling as it demonstrates an individual's personality. So to the hell with it, this week I attempted to be serious but that didn't work out very well..


Zara Jacket 
Patricia Field Vogue Cap 
Urban Outfitters top 
Nine West Wedge Sneakers 


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