Sunday, February 3, 2013

Living in the moment

It's been a while my fellow readers but I've decided to get back into blogging. I feel like one of those kids who got into trouble at school for forgetting to do their homework but what can I say life happens. Shit happens and things never really go as planned. Despite of that one could waste a whole lot of precious time over analyzing the past. It's time to live in the moment, (quoting one of Jason Mraz's song btw) focus on my future and keep being that person that pushes doors that say pull. 

To be honest, starting a blog about fashion always intimidated me because I worried about what those who know me personally would think. Would I be considered vain, shallow, or an egocentric person? Just because I admire clothes and enjoy expressing myself through them? Does it make me less of an intelligent individual? All assumptions which people love to make but that I no longer care about. You will always be judged regardless of your actions so why not start doing what makes you happy and stop worrying.  Be you.

Anyways, enough of my motivational talks because I really could go on and on. These pictures were taken in Wynwood. Absolutely loved these flamingo print shorts the minute I saw them. Love the fact that it's February and I'm wearing this. Oh Miami, how I love thee. 

Topshop  Shorts
Steve Madden Shoes 
Everything else is vintage except the necklace which I have no idea where is from. 

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  1. A absolutely agree with you and I also had moments when I wanted to quit blogging, but I always return somehow. I'm very happy that you decided to start blogging again. I know your blog since you started and really love your style. And I'm not really saying this just to make a comment, I really hope you'll continue blogging, at least for us who care about your style. :)
    Btw love the outfit, that shorts is amazing. Kisses, M.