Friday, March 11, 2011

Graduation & Prom

Since I won't be doing an outfit post till tomorrow. Let me show you what I wore for my graduation and prom. My school was a little bit ridiculous in the sense that it had a lot of silly ceremonies and that meant a lot of dresses. I had a baccalaureate ceremony which till this day I don't really understand the meaning of it an award ceremony, graduation, prom, and the after party. That meant 5 dresses. I made the mistake of cutting a lot of my hair which I now regret right before my first activity.  For my baccalaureate ceremony I wore a BCBG dress that I got at the outlet. I had it tailored since it was little big on me and changed the belt to a skinny belt from Forever 21. The shoes were bought at a sale a long time ago in a store called Galeria in Puerto Rico.

For my Award Ceremony  I wore this simple black Rachel Roy dress I got on sale at Macys. I  love love the back of this dress and that's mainly why I got it. I apparently did not take pictures showing the back that was the only one I could find. I topped it off with black pumps that are Idore if I am not mistaken and a silver clutch. The ceremony was at night that's why I felt it was appropriate to wear black. 

For my graduation I was in search for the perfect dress. I didn't want to buy my dress in Puerto Rico so I spent hours searching online. This dress is from Asos. I knew this was the dress I wanted the moment I saw it. I took the risk and ordered it not knowing if I was ordering the correct  size since it was UK sizes. I ordered it a size bigger than what I am since I have big thighs. The dress came in and it fit perfectly in my thighs but it was really big on top so I had it tailored. I wore it with my black pumps again. These pumps are so high and I love the heel of it. 

Finding a dress for my prom was so much fun. Proms in Puerto Rico are really different than proms in the United States. In Puerto Rico all of your family attends the prom and I especially loved this night because it had been years since my family and I all were in the same place and went to a party together considering my parents are divorced. Originally I wanted my dress to be done by a Puerto Rican designer. My sister and I  got on the Internet and started looking at all of the designers. I chose Lisa Thon because I loved her new collection. I decided she was the one when I saw this red dress with this amazing back in one of her runway shows on YouTube. I made an appointment with her and when we were talking about dress ideas I mentioned how I was in love with the red dress. In a chance of luck the dress was in the shop and she asked if I wanted to try it on. I tried it on and it fit perfectly it only needed a tiny things done. 

This is the dress on the model. In this picture you can really see the color of the dress. In the pictures I am wearing it you really can't see the color of the dress. I felt like the dress was too revealing in the front so I made them sew it a little bit in the front and also considering my boobs are small. When you walk the way the dress flows is amazing. She also added some beading in the center. The back of the dress is shaped like a star because that was her inspiration for the collection. The pictures do not do the dress justice it looks so much better when you see it in person. My prom was the day after my graduation and that made it a little bit stressful I had my sister do my make up. I think she did an amazing job. This guy at the salon did my make up for my graduation and I didn't really like I felt like I looked really white. I thought a bun was a good hairstyle so people could see the back of the dress. I bought this beautiful earrings by Puerto Rican designer Erika Peña.

Last two pictures are of  my brother's girlfriend Carla and I and the other one is my mom and I dancing. This picture describes my mom and I very well and you can also see how much fun I had that night. 

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the dress I wore to the after party. 


  1. your gown is fab! red looks great on you!

  2. You are so cute :)
    Thank you for your comment !